Re: AbiWord on the Web

From: Alan Horkan <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 16:23:44 CET

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Ryan Pavlik wrote:

> Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 21:45:41 -0600
> From: Ryan Pavlik <>
> To: Alan Horkan <>
> Cc: Michael A. Peters <>,
> Abiword User List <>
> Subject: Re: AbiWord on the Web

> >I like because it includes a Word Processor, a Spreadsheet,
> >a Presentation program, and a Drawing Program (and PDF export is sweet).

> I'd just like to add that AbiWord works great with PDFCreator (
> ) and I use it daily. This is not a convincing
> reason to use OO.o :)

I should point out that one of the main reasons I use is to
open the occasional PowerPoint presentation. If the suite could be more
easily seperated I might be less likely to install everything but once I
grab one component I'm happy enough to install them all just in case. I
wanted to say nice things about because I wanted to
discourage people from making divisive comparisons as it makes sense to
work with and conventional 'one or the other' comparisons
don't make sense in an Open Source world where you have the option to use

Now that I have figured out how to use pdflatex in concert with the
Abiword LaTeX export to generate PDF files that include hyperlinks it is
my preferred way to generate PDF.

- Alan
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