Re: Assorted recommendations

From: Francis James Franklin <>
Date: Sat Jan 29 2005 - 16:24:49 CET


Thank you for the suggestions, but these belong in Bugzilla! In fact,
some of them are there already.

On 29 Jan 2005, at 12:52, James W.Greenidge wrote:
> That if you click any toolbar option while in the Full Screen mode
> that Full Screen mode is automatically deactivated so to display the
> toolbars.

I don't quite understand. If you feel that maximising the document
window should not restrict the size better so not to occlude the
toolbars, then yes, okay.

> A way to take out the left side ruler

You can show or hide both rulers, but not independently - is that what
you're asking?

> Allow backups in any format and other folder locations

Currently these are saved in the same directory as the original file,
or on the Desktop for untitled documents. Having a set directory for
all backups is possible, but I'm undecided about it. I'm not sure about

> Option to omit Tool Palette at start-up,


> Use Nisus Theasurus or third party dictionaries under Services.


Please use Bugzilla in future. Go to and
enter "cocoa" in the search box to see assorted CocoaAbi bugs.

Regards, Frank

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