Re: .swx and .odt files

From: Greg Madden <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 2005 - 07:08:28 CET

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 11:53 am, Brett Shand wrote:
> Hi
> I'm new to the list and Abiword.
> I have been using OpenOffice since version 1.1.something and have now
> reached a stage in my life when I don't need a full suite anymore so
> I have "downsized" to Abiword. It looks like it will suit me very
> well.
> As you might expect I have a large number of OOo files (mainly text
> files). I have downloaded all the plugins but the conversion still
> seems patchy. Many convert perfectly, but a lot don't; I just get two
> or three lines of garbage characters.
> I can't see any pattern - it doesn't seem to matter which version of
> OOo they were saved under, for instance - does anyone have any idea
> why this might be? And is there a fix? I can re-install OOo and batch
> covert to .rtf, but I would prefer not to do that.
> Thanks
> Brett

 Is there a pattern with .odt vs .sxw files. AFAIK, .odt is the
extension for the Open Document Format, which is supported by OOo ver

Greg C. Madden
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