Re: font substitution

From: Jim Colvin (
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 23:08:10 EDT

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    Andrew Dunbar wrote:
    Absolutely. There should be a preference editor
    somewhere where the user can set which fonts
    substiture for which fonts.
    I know web browesers have UIs for font-subsitution of
    a kind. I don't know what Word Processors do. I tend
    to think MS Word doesn't let the user have control
    here since all Windows users probably have the same
    fonts. Does anybody know?

    MS Word gives the user control over font substitution. This is set on the Compatibility tab of the Tools | Options dialog. The
    Font Substitution dialog lets the user specify which fonts to substitute for those missing on the computer. The user can choose to
    substitute fonts only for viewing and printing or make the font substitutions permanent.

    I put a screenshot of the Font Substitution dialog at In this
    screenshot I was opening a WordPerfect document in MS Word 2000.

    Jim Colvin

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