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Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 00:37:10 EDT

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    > Andrew Dunbar wrote:
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    > Absolutely. There should be a preference editor
    > somewhere where the user can set which fonts
    > substiture for which fonts.
    > <snip>
    > I know web browesers have UIs for font-subsitution
    > of
    > a kind. I don't know what Word Processors do. I
    > tend
    > to think MS Word doesn't let the user have control
    > here since all Windows users probably have the same
    > fonts. Does anybody know?
    > MS Word gives the user control over font
    > substitution. This is set on the Compatibility tab
    > of the Tools | Options dialog. The
    > Font Substitution dialog lets the user specify which
    > fonts to substitute for those missing on the
    > computer. The user can choose to
    > substitute fonts only for viewing and printing or
    > make the font substitutions permanent.
    > I put a screenshot of the Font Substitution dialog
    > at
    > In this
    > screenshot I was opening a WordPerfect document in
    > MS Word 2000.

    Thanks for the info. I've just played with it and I
    have to say in this case that I feel MS Word does the
    right thing(tm). When you have a document loaded, it
    lets you see and change the substitutions used in that
    document (not every font possible) and it has a button
    to let you make the substitutions permanent. In other
    words it does "soft" or "visual" substitution and
    gives you a very simple way to do "hard" substitution.
    Weird fonts seem to get substituted by one called
    "default" rather than being hard-coded to Times or
    Arial. We should do something very much like this.

    It also handles Symbol fonts in the same interface but
    it's unclear to me whether the symbol fonts would have
    to have the same glyphs in the same order or if it
    does glyph remapping. (Glyph remapping isn't needed
    for non-symbol fonts).

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > Jim Colvin


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