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Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 00:31:15 EDT

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    On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 22:34, Andrew Dunbar wrote:
    > No no. You should definitely only do a visual
    > substitution. I should be able to create a document
    > with Arial fonts for Windows users even when I'm on
    > a machine that doesn't have them.
    > I especially should be able to edit such a doc created
    > on a Windows machine, and save my changes without
    > having changed the font in the document.

    That's silly. If we did it this way I could never change the fonts used
    without opening up the file in some text editor and changing the fonts
    Now we could prompt on save regarding font substitution, that's an
    option. GIMP is always good about telling you "visible layers will be
    merged, export?" We could just "This document is being viewed with
    fonts other than the ones it was last saved with because those fonts
    aren't available. Would you like to save the new font to keep the
    current appearance of the document or preserve the font settings to be
    used again when those fonts are available? [Save new fonts] [Preserve
    old fonts]"

    Anyway, I liked the pure simplicity of my original idea and what Joaquin
    suggested in response. In any case, it is no worse than what word does
    BY DEFAULT. Then in prefs we could have "< > Custom font
    substitutions". And if the custom arent selected, we can always do
    things like Arial<->Helvetica. There are only so many 'constantly
    interchangable' fonts. Or we could try to be smart like some other apps
    (which oft fsck things up this way) and have abi think to herself 'font
    courier doesn't exist, but font courier does. That's a whole word
    match, good enuf'. Of course if your font is called 'the antithesis of
    times new roman' well, you get the point.

    Andrew, I am shocked and alarmed at the heuristic force with which you
    made your two responses (=


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